positive space living is a philosophy for home organizing that nurtures
body, mind + spirit
by consciously creating spaces that align with you - who you are today
to release what no longer serves you and honour what you value
helping you reconnect heart + home

Benefits of wholistic home organizing

Create spaces to support you in daily living
Discover more time to do the things you enjoy
Establish healthy habits
Expand positive energy
Experience more restful sleep
Honour the possessions you value most
Improve the quality of your relationships
Increase focus + concentration
Inspire creativity
Learn new skills + strategies
Model positive habits for children
Nurture your body, mind + spirit
Practice mindfulness
Preserve positive memories
Reduce overwhelm, stress, and fatigue
Reflect who you are in your home design
Release shame
Save money and be a conscious consumer
Simplify cleaning maintenance
Spend less time looking for lost items

home organizing for body, mind + spirit

initiating change – consultation

Our initial conversation is over the phone or Skype. The consultation gives you an opportunity to ask questions about the organizing process, share your story and discover how I can help you reach your unique goals.

Your investment is 30 minutes.

The consult is complimentary.

closer to home – assessment

Our first in-home session is a comprehensive assessment to review your space and clarify your organizing goals, identify organizing strengths and challenges, and explore next steps for us to co-create the home organization that will nurture you – body, mind + spirit.

Your investment is 2 hours and $200 +HST.

wholistic organizing sessions

In-home organizing sessions are hands-on, focused time for us to co-create the home organization that supports your unique goals. Sessions are 2 or 3 hours based on project needs, energy and learning preferences.

Your investment is 3 hours and $300 +HST;

Or 2 hours and $200 +HST

connect with Jennie

Success Stories

Before I met Jennie I was overwhelmed with the amount of papers and ‘stuff’ that just seemed to accumulate from out of no where. Jennie taught me a totally new way of thinking about what comes in my house, and how to deal with it so that I can live in a clean and simple space. Thank you Jennie for what you taught me, using your system I can now organize my space with ease, and know how to align my home-organization with my larger life goals. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn how to simplify, organize and achieve their life goals to work with Jennie!!!

Elisha MacMillan CEO ManifestDance.com

Jennie is respectful and fun to work with. She kept me focused and I was amazed at how much we accomplished. In two sessions, we were able to change my disorganized kitchen into an organized, working space. I find it’s easy to put things back in the right places now, and I know exactly where things are. Jennie’s system of organizing makes so much sense. I can’t wait until she comes back!


I was nervous at first, I didn’t want to loose control over my stuff. Jennie was very good, it was all very calm. I had control and I started feeling safe in the process. Through the experience I learned that I’m a pack-rat, more than I thought I was. I learned how to let go of things, things that I thought I always had to have. I had always felt very trapped by the stuff, but now I’ve got space. Now I feel like I have more stuff than I had before because I can actually see it, access it, and do stuff with it. Where before, there was so much stuff hidden I couldn’t do anything with it. Now I don’t feel like I’m lacking in anything.

Beth Rosell

Working with Jennie was a professional, pleasant and rewarding experience. She completely reorganized my paper work into files and established an ongoing approach, how to file things for maximum efficiency, accessibility and productivity. I learned a great deal about the nuances of the organization process with numerous “Micro Tips” I’ll call them, to keep me on track for the future. I am extremely grateful for Jennie’s help. She is truly very professional at this all-important aspect of reducing workload, stress, and anxiety over information organization and ease of access. Thank you!

Organize with Jennie

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