the beginning – my journey into organizing

Recently I was asked the question, “How did you get into organizing?”  The story that followed brought tears to my eyes as I spoke.  I would like to share with you the beginning – my journey into organizing.

The beginning

A dear friend, full of creativity and spirit, asked me if I would join to help for her session with a Professional Organizer.  I had never been to my friend’s home, and there was a reason for that.  My friend experienced the challenges of chronic disorganization.

We worked on the organization process together as a team.  At the end of the day the organizer asked if I would be interested in doing more work with her company.  I had never thought of a career in professional organizing.  Like many people then, and now, I didn’t really know what an organizer was or did.

At the time, I was in a big life transition.  In the month previous I’d been separated, proceeding with divorce and newly living on my own.  I had also recently completed a work contract and was unemployed.

The organizing felt natural.  I was immediately drawn to the opportunity.  It felt right.  Somehow all of the work avenues I had previously explored came together into one clear path.

Learning from mentors

That first day translated into relationships with two mentors.

The first mentor, my friend, supported me through a client perspective.  Her encouragement to follow this path and trust in me to be a part of her healing was the inspiration to begin.  Sharing her challenges and seeing her successes motivated me to continue.

My second mentor, a veteran organizer, openly shared her depth of experience and began teaching me the skills to transform space.

I am grateful for knowing these two women.

Honouring memory

The surprising swell of tears came from sharing the memory of my friend.  She has now passed from this world.  When I spoke, the words “a couple of years ago” came out but really it has been more than four years now.  Time truly passes so quickly but it seems our hearts remember more slowly.

Each day I’m reminded of my dear friend by a reflective photo of her hanging above my desk.  She continues to remind me of the power of asking for help, living with patience, and the value of trust.

I feel so honoured everyday that I work with my clients.  Every time a client opens a door to their space or shares a small detail about their life is such a privilege.  Most of all I respect each client for their courage to ask for help.

Thank you to the women who encouraged and inspired me to write this blog about my journey.  Not only to share this story but to just begin.



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